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Music Samples

Provide original music matched to your riding that keeps attention on you and your horse. Have an instrumental theme for your horse operation that identifies you alone. Include custom music for your sales videos or show presentations.

Listen to these samples of original music -- choose a style and a sound, and contact us for a quote for original creations. Provide us with a video, and we'll return the music to you. Call us at 1-802-485-3972 or email Dennis for a consultation. Or we can visit you and watch you ride.

Note that these samples are full cuts. Excerpts can be made, or sections combined, or new music created in these styles. The first is a nine-minute example of rhythmically precise music in a 4-beat, but with changing moods; the others vary in style and feel, and run from 20 seconds to four minutes.

You may download and use this music. However, you must contact Dennis to purchase the music. You may also report occasional uses to ASCAP.